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Photo credit: Angie Klaus

Photo credit: Angie Klaus

About our doula services

We believe doula services are based on a very special relationship: an intimacy, a trust, a shared journey. This relationship begins as soon as our services are retained, and last long after your baby is placed in your arms. When we accept a new client, she and her family gain all of our years of education, experience, passion, and wisdom. Our support is unconditional and genuine.

Our relationship starts with a consultation, which is a time for you to ask us questions, come to know our temperaments and approach to birth, and share with us your hopes and concerns, your priorities and your vision. You may request a consultation on our Contact page.

If you choose us as your doulas, we are immediately available via phone, text, and email, and will always answer as quickly as possible. We begin a group text for the entire birth team, which allows us to communicate effectively throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We also invite you to attend our prenatal meeting, which is held once a month at Reston Women’s Center in Reston, VA. These gatherings are an opportunity to discuss birth preferences, learn all of our best comfort measures, figure out the logistics of working with a doula through a birth, and hear birth stories. This kind of horizontal learning and community building is a wonderful way to build confidence in your ability to anticipate the birth of your child with joy. You are welcome to attend as many prenatal meetings as you desire. We do ask that our clients attend any comprehensive childbirth class beforehand.

Our on-call period begins as soon as you are full term, and our group text keeps everyone informed. Once you believe labor has begun, we will be in constant communication, ready to guide and encourage, and decide together when it is time for your doula to join you, whether at home or at your hospital or birth center. We will then stay with you (unless you ask for privacy) through the birth of your precious baby, and afterwards until you are settled and ready for quiet time as a new family. We are always glad to take pictures and video, at your request.

Our postpartum care begins after your baby is born, and is our opportunity to check on you, listen to your birth experience, and assist you with any resources you may need in the postpartum period. We continue to be available to you at any time, as you settle into a new rhythm of life.

A summary of our services:


--Continuous support by phone, text and/or email

--Prenatal meeting(s)

--Labor, birth, and immediate postpartum support

--Continued postpartum support

We are also excited to offer the services of a “shadow” doula, at no additional expense to you! Part of professional doula training involves experiential learning, which means you are able to enjoy the hands and heart, perspective and wisdom of another trained, enthusiastic doula, while we help her gain additional experience. Everyone who has had the opportunity to welcome a shadow has raved about the benefits—we are glad to offer this as another aspect of our devoted care for you.

A little birth-day party!

A little birth-day party!

This is one of my own births, when Marilyn attended to ME :)

This is one of my own births, when Marilyn attended to ME :)

Marilyn admiring a new family

Marilyn admiring a new family

Why Partners?

Our model of care is exceptional. How did we arrive here?

To provide optimal care for our families.

Solo doula work is demanding. Birth is unpredictable. Fitting together clients' needs, family needs, and personal needs is a puzzle that can be impossible to resolve—alone.

Our partnership solves this puzzle:  families deserve a fresh, familiar face they trust to walk with them, whatever the course their pregnancy, labor, and birth follows. We are not either/or, but rather and/both. All of our combined skills and wisdom is yours, every client, every birth, all the time. What that looks like will be different for each family, but our continuous, attentive support is a constant. We truly are “all for one and one for all,” as we know all of our clients, and they know all of us.

Far more important than the beneficial logistics is our mentality: we believe the intimacy of labor belongs to the mother and her family--not the doula. Our care should not have a particular personality attached, because we should have supported in such a way that all the power, all the wonder, all the confidence, all the agency, and all the love stayed within the family, with the help of our dedicated service.

The doula profession continues to evolve. Our partnership model is exceptional now, but we expect it will become more common as families and doulas recognize its shared benefits. We welcome you to join us and experience its advantages today!


 We accept multiple forms of payment, and are open to payment plans which best serve your family’s needs. We share DONA International's vision of "A doula for every mother who wants one," so please let us know how we may best honor that ideal! We know well the financial sacrifices involved when welcoming a new child, and will work within all our families’ budgets.

New for 2019: Contract Options!

By popular request, we are now offering alternatives for our services, as follows: 

All our clients receive a welcome gift, unlimited invitations to our prenatal meetings, and full access to our vast library of pregnancy and birth related materials, from articles to links to podcasts to videos to handouts to referrals. The difference in contracts is based on the number of in-home visits preferred. If an additional home visit is later desired, it may still be scheduled, for a separate charge.

“Independence” Contract: $1200

To be eligible, must have attended a comprehensive childbirth education class, have experienced at least one previous vaginal birth, and not require in-home prenatal preparation or postpartum care.

“Your Choice” Contract: $1400

To be eligible, must have attended a comprehensive childbirth education class, and must choose either an in-home prenatal preparation visit or an in-home postpartum support visit.

“Full Service” Contract: $1600

Our “Full Service” contract involves the most personalized education and preparation, as well as our seasoned, seamless doula services during labor and birth. Our “Full Service” clients receive an in-home prenatal preparation visit, as well as an in-home postpartum support visit. This contract is the most comprehensive and flexible, allowing for truly expansive care.

Additional home visits: $200

A retainer fee of $600 is due from all clients at contract signing, and the balance is due by 37 weeks, to begin our official “on call” period.

Our written contract, as well as a complete explanation of our fee schedule, may be shared at your request.We volunteer for the Gabriel Project and Embracing Grace, and provide pro bono support for exceptional circumstances. If you are facing a crisis pregnancy, please do not hesitate to reach out to us, as we are here to help! 

After a long, hard birth, joy comes in the morning!

After a long, hard birth, joy comes in the morning!