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Attended over 1,500 births. More than 20 years of experience. Board certified massage therapist. DONA birth doulas. Trained birth assistants. Established relationships with care providers. And with twenty of our own children’s births among us, we truly know and love birth! 

Cathy Caputo, Tabitha Kaza, and Marilyn Alger of Heaven&Birth Doula Services LLC —Photo credit:  Ren C respo photo

Cathy Caputo, Tabitha Kaza, and Marilyn Alger of Heaven&Birth Doula Services LLC —Photo credit: Ren Crespo photo


Tabitha Kaza CD(DONA)

Birth doula, trained birth assistant, bereavement doula, mother of twelve

My first baby was born 22 years ago, while still an undergrad at Brown University. My first six children were born in five different hospitals, and the last six at home. I became a certified DONA doula after the (painless!) birth of my ninth child in 2012, completed Spinning Babies training with Gail Tully, neonatal resuscitation and perinatal psychology with Karen Strange, birth assistant training with Birth Arts International, perinatal loss through Embracing Grace and VCU’s medical school in Richmond, and attended ACNM’s annual symposium at George Washington medical school in DC. I love birth. I always have. And want all women to know what is possible for birth.


Marilyn Alger NCBTMB

Licensed massage therapist, birth doula, experienced birth assistant, mother of four and grandmother of many

I have worked as both a doula and birth assistant, attending over 1200 births since 1993.  I am a board certified massage therapist, specializing in prenatal and postpartum massage. Among my favorite continuing education exeriences are Spinning Babies with Gail Tully, which I attended several times; World Confluence of birth and body workers, to learn advanced techniques; Karen Strange's Perinatal Psychology and NRP; Tom Meyers Anatomy Trains; and myofacial techniques involving the pelvis. My husband Tony and I married in 1983, and have four children (two born in the hospital, one at a birth center, and one at home), who have graced us with many grandchildren. Outside of birth, my greatest joys are my faith and my family. I also love playing with my grandchildren, planning family events, gardening and sewing. I look forward to helping your birth journey!


Cathy Caputo CD(DONA)

Birth doula, former US Army officer, mother of four, breastfeeding focus

I became a DONA certified birth doula after having four children in four years, and dove head-first into supporting expectant mothers. Each time I witness a mother bring new life into this world, I am especially awed by what I think of as The Transcendence - the ever-so-subtle, pure, sublime moment when a woman fully slips into her forever-role of Mother.  I am trained in Gail Tully's Spinning Babies, have been trained in using a Rebozo by Gina Kirby, and have a special love of helping mothers begin their breastfeeding journey.  I have a great affinity for families serving our country in the military, as I come from military families and served as an officer in the U.S. Army myself.  When I am not engaged in birth work, I enjoy spending time with my husband, children and dog, hiking and camping, reading, cycling, gardening and relaxing with a good glass of wine.  

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Client Testimonials

Tabitha Kaza CD(DONA)

Tabitha Kaza CD(DONA)

Tabitha is an angel sent from the birthing gods!! Hands down!! All hail Tabitha! I cannot thank her enough! My hero!
— Sarah, VBAC, WHC
We truly developed a special love in our hearts for her, and will cherish our memories...forever.
— Kasey, first baby, Fair Oaks
Tabitha has been my doula for all four of my children, and I could not recommend her more highly. Each of my births has been so different, and she has adapted to each with grace, compassion, and professionalism.
— Emily, Fair Oaks, perinatal hospice, homebirth
It was calming to know that any question, concern, fear, joy, and wild emotion I experienced was met with Tabitha’s love, care, and genuine demeanor, and her never-ending personal knowledge of all things birth from her own studies and her own double-digit birthing experiences.
— Katy, first baby, GW
Beautiful birth center waterbirth at 42 weeks at Premier

Beautiful birth center waterbirth at 42 weeks at Premier

Hiring Tabitha as our doula was the BEST decision we made for childbirth.
— Lucy, first baby, Fair Oaks
She has a loving, peaceful, caring demeanor, with a servant’s heart, and is thoughtful and intelligent, with vast knowledge and experience.
— Katie, third baby, Loudoun birth center
Tabitha is amazing! In fact, amazing is an understatement. She is a life saving and life giving being. My VBAC would not have been successful without her.
— Julia, VBAC, Prince William
Enduring, encouraging, confident, knowledegable, sounding board, devoted, peaceful, loving birth doula. Those are only a few on a long list of wonderful attributes I could use to describe Tabitha.
— Kimmy, first baby, Fair Oaks
The depth of gratitude and respect I have for Tabitha cannot be understated. She is a true light of joy. She exudes a gentle grace that brought me so much peace amidst so many doubts and fears during my third birth, a VBA2C.
— Erin, VBA2C, Prince William
She truly helped make the birth of our son a beautiful experience for me and my husband!
— Kathryn, first baby, Fair Oaks
Whether it was one of her simple but super effective doula “tricks” or her words of encouragement, she always seemed to know just what was needed.
— Vivianne, eighth baby, birth center
She helped me process my emotions about my birth story. Tabitha understood.
— Frances, second baby, homebirth transfer to Prince William
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Tabitha.
— Julia, first baby, Fair Oaks
She is gifted in her ability to “read” a laboring mother, and she always knew precisely what I needed to hear at each moment...she exudes a happiness and joy towards birth that is very unique and contagious.
— Mary, three at Fair Oaks and three homebirths
Cathy Caputo CD(DONA)

Cathy Caputo CD(DONA)

Marilyn and Tabitha and Cathy are the best of the best! So gentle and so kind. Their healing and comforting touches are exactly what you want during your pregnancy and your labor.
— Dr. Jill Diaz, prenatal and pediatric chiropractor certified in the Webster technique
Unexpected nbut joyful csection at Ino va Fair Oaks Hospital

Unexpected nbut joyful csection at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital

They have a trust and understanding of the body and mind which gave me confidence and put me at ease.
— Robin, first baby, homebirth
I wanted to have an all-natural, unmedicated delivery, and I cannot emphasize enough the vital role Cathy played in making this dream a reality. Right from the start I knew Cathy would make a great addition to my birth team as I noticed her down to earth, calm, and confident demeanor.
— Kim, first baby, George Washington Hospital Center
She is very peaceful, knowledgeable, loving, and calm.
— Ryan, father of six, homebirth
She has an incredibly warm and comforting energy that makes her feel like a close friend and confidante, and her extensive wealth of birth knowledge and experience eased any anxiety I had about birth.
— Stacy, second baby, Fairfax
She is compassionate, solid, fluid, full of deeply rooted love and sincerity. She is humble and so giving. She is gentle like a whisper.
— Felice, second baby, Prince William
I had always thought that a doula would not have much to do during a medicated birth, but I was wrong...I honestly believe that if it were not for Tabitha (and my midwife), I would have had a csection.
— Sofia, first baby, Loudoun
When I was in active labor and through delivery, she was a workhorse—keeping cool cloths on my neck and forehead, heat on my back, head and hip squeezes, assistance with showers, getting me to labor in different positions to continue progress...I cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Bess, first baby, Fair Oaks
I can pretty much guarantee you will never meet anyone who loves birth more than Tabitha, which is why she is the very best doula you can find!
— Megan, fifth baby, Prince William
I can honestly say Tabitha’s warm, comforting presence provided us the strength and power to work together as a team.
— Jessica, first baby, Fairfax
Thanks to Tabitha, I had a successful VBAC and feel joyful and accomplished about the whole experience!
— Rosie, VBAC, Prince William
Tabitha is exceptional...beyond compare.
— Debbie, third and fourth babies, homebirths
Tabitha has a real love of the birth process, a heart for women and a love for helping and encouraging. I couldn’t have done it without her and I wouldn’t do it again without her!
— Katie, first birth center birth after several hospital births
I’m not joking when I say that I couldn’t have done it without your support and your guidance. I have such beautiful memories of labor and birth and I’m so grateful to God for how everything came together to create such a perfect experience. You are amazing!
— Adrienne, first baby, Inova Fair Oaks
I am so lucky to have had such a great support through you!
— Shelby, second baby, Fair Oaks
I wanted to say how thankful we were to have had you. Your calm and soothing demeanor played a huge part during the post birth recovery. You have a gift for the job you do. This is your calling, be sure of that! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
— Katie, second baby, Prince William
She shared her personal experiences, provided information and strategies, and answered our many questions to alleviate our fears and help us feel confident. Furthermore, her presence during the birth help me physically and mentally cope with the pain, and her previously provided insights and knowledge empowered me to advocate for myself with the hospital staff. We are very grateful for Cathy’s support, which equipped us with the necessary tools for a successful and positive birthing experience.
— Sharon, first baby, Inova Fair Oaks
My husband and I both agreed that hiring Cathy was the best decision we could have made for the delivery of our son.
— Cathy, second baby, Inova Fair Oaks
I knew she would be a great fit — warm, insightful, easy-going, and supportive of my choices. She is knowledgeable, supportive, and a calm, reassuring presence. She is easy to get along with and worked well with the hospital staff, too.
— Melanie, third baby, Prince William Hospital
Cathy was AMAZING! She gave us many neat tips and loads of information. She was very catering to our personal wishes through the whole process. After delivery I had some complications and was very out of it. Cathy stepped in and ensured that everything in my birth plan I wanted still happened. We were thrilled to have her with us during this exciting experience!
— Ginny, first baby, Winchester Medical Center
Words cannot express or even begin to cover how thankful my husband and I are for Cathy. My husband still continuously says how great it was having her there for support not only for me, but to help guide him on how best to help and support me as well. I am so glad that we chose to have a doula, and I am so blessed that we found Cathy to fill that role. She truly helped to make our birth story wonderful and our little family is forever grateful.
— Ashley, first baby, Virginia Hospital Center
She was very encouraging when I thought I couldn’t do it! I’m so glad that she was my doula!
— Jasmine, fourth baby, first home birth
Cathy’s patience and knowledge were what made our successful delivery possible. We plan on using Cathy as our doula for the birth of our future children!
— Erin, first baby, INOVA Fair Oaks
We feel very blessed and thankful that you were part of our special day. You helped us get through the most difficult parts of labor and, somehow, we enjoyed it! All thanks to you!
— Christina, first baby, Inova Fairfax
I am so happy we lucked out with you as our doula! Thank you for supporting us and keeping me on track! You are amazing!
— Katie, fourth baby, Premier Birth Center
I would most emphatically recommend Tabitha as a strong, positive, and helpful doula who wants everyone to have the best birth experience possible.
— Julie, fifth baby, homebirth
You are very special to our family! Thank you for helping make this year wonderful for our family!
— Tanya, first baby, Virginia Hospital Center
Tabitha understands the sacred relationship between spouses.
— Jamie, all three babies, Fair Oaks, birth center, Fair Oaks


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